Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A New Day

Filled With Beauty Of It's Own Kind ......

What happened? God happened ... that's what! I didn't have to wait long until we received an email from LaRee Krischke, saying that they had a room for me and would love to have me come live with them in Casper Wyoming. I took a moment and had to really pray about it. I couldn't help but think how crazy I am for being so willing to go anywhere, even if it means a cowboy town with no trees. Next think I know, I have a ticket and I am on my way to this small town I had never even heard of to live with a family that I haven't seen for 10 years or so. You can imagine my apprehension. After being here for exactly one month and 4 days, I can honestly say, I couldn't have picked a better place and better people to be with right now in my life. The plans that are orchestrated by God, are the most fulfilling and rewarding when we are willing to say yes. I was hired at Starbucks in my third week of being here. I have been working there and absolutely loving it. My boss is a great guy and i haven't found one person that i don't like to work with. Every day God is confirming that He wants me here. Every time i turn around someone is commending me, especially my boss and supervisors. More then it making me feel good about myself, I just thank God for putting me in the right place at the right time with the perfect people, and the peace that I have through all of it. I will say that I am exhausted. I haven't been able to catch up on my sleep and have been putting in long days at work. Above it all, i am grateful. I miss my family and friends deeply, but i trust that God will give me a time to reunite with them.
I walked into Starbucks, not having a clue of how to do my first day of training. I was expecting my boss, Matthew, to find me and be my tutor through the day. He came and told me that he was actually not the one doing my training that day. A girl came after him and he told me her name is Libby and she would be with me for the day. I liked here right away, and i didn't know why. She said that it would be the only day that she was helping me because she was leaving for a week after that. I was kind of disappointed. It wasn't long until i noticed that her silver necklace was the shape of Africa, just like my gold one that Momm and Papa gave to me. I was waiting for the right time to ask her about it, until all the sudden she stopped mid-sentence saying that she noticed my necklace and wanted to know why I had it. I told her a part of my story and how my heart is in Uganda. She was so excited i thought she would fall out of her seat. She went on to share with me that she has citizenship in both the US and South Africa. Her father is a native to South Africa, and her mother from here. I would have never guessed, but i could have cried at that moment. When
I shared with her that I had only been a believer for almost a year, she leaned in close and said that we are going to be great friends. She also is a born again, and she encouraged me and said that we would be good supporters for each other and can encourage one another. I was so happy when she said there were others at our work. At that, I almost did cry, but the middle of my training was no time for that. I was praising God in my heart for surrounding me with people that would learn and support the song of my heart. People that would know and understand and be apart of my walk with Christ.
I am looking forwarding to what God is bringing through all of this. I don't know many people here but i soon will. It's all kind of catching up with me. I'm becoming exhausted and highly emotional, which isn't entirely normal for me. If you think of it, please pray for me. I want to continue to stay focused on God and His plan and purpose for my life and heart. I don't want to get lost in my busy schedule or my own tiredness and stress. I don't want to start feeling alone, which is what I can see that is threatening to be exactly how i feel.
My amazing sister Robyn is going to Uganda with Hannah Smith, on Feb. 28th i believe. They will be there till July 26 i think. I thank God for providing for them. They have yet to receive the rest of their living costs, but God is faithful. I wont try to hide that i feel slightly left behind, but i know my Father will make it all good. I am so excited to see what the Lord will do in my sisters life. She has started her own photo blog. She is very talented and has a beautiful eye for things. You can follow her here at
So there is a short (in my mind) update of what is happening with me. I must say that I absolutely love the Krischke's. They all have been amazing and have become close to my heart, and are my family. God is so good. I will do my best to add more as soon as I can. I am trying to work things out so that I can get my own computer to work with. Every day is a new day filled with life and love whether we can see and accept that or not, is entirely up to us. I love each of you SO much! I pray that one day, you will understand and believe that :D
Father, I just want to thank you for everything you have given me, the things that I see and don't see. I don't know how to express my heart of love for You and Your people, but you know it already. Bless these people as they listen to Your voice, and strive to say yes to the divine plans and purposes You have for their lives. Protect our hearts and minds. Give us each wisdom, strength and courage. I love you so Father. Amen!
God bless you all <3

Blair Zawadi Olivia
From Casper WY.

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  1. Blair, you are the best big sister I could ask for! I love that we have been able to live so much of our lives together. Every day I think of you and begin to have the feelings of not having my big sister, and best friend beside me. But I know that God is doing great things in both of our lives and I am really excited about that! I am so extremely happy for you that everything is going the way God has planned it. I know he is not done but that this is only the beginning. :) I really love you more than words could describe! I am excited for you and I am excited to see you when I get back. I am sad you won't be going with Hannah and I. I know I am really going to miss you once I am there. Being in the U.S. still I sometimes feel like you are somehow close, but when I am in Africa... that will change for sure. Okay, really all I wanted to say is that I love you and really appreciate you! Mungu Akubariki SANA!!!! <3 I love you my sweet big sister! <3